Sitting Comfortably the Right Way

A good chair supports a comfortable working position and allows for easy changes in body position. A chair is only “ergonomic” if you can adjust it to fit you. There are 4 most important things to watch out for to maximize ergonomic effectiveness when it comes to sitting and your relation to your chair. These are 4 important parts of the chair that must correctly suit to your body,  and below are some guidelines for adjusting your chair:

4 Must-Adjusted Parts of a Chair to your Comfort

Chair Height

  1.  Hips and back form a 90 degrees angle (or slightly greater).
  2.  Feet rest flat on the floor.
  3.  You may need to raise your chair height to keep your elbows at 90 degrees for writing and keyboard/mouse tasks.
  4. If your feet do not reach the floor; use a footstool for support.


  1. If your armrests are adjustable, place them so your elbows can rest comfortably on the armrests, and your shoulders are level and relaxed.
  2. Your elbows positioned at 90 degrees.
  3. Your arms should be able to move freely for all tasks.
  4. Your arms may rest on the armrests during data entry.
  5. Some people prefer not to have armrests on their chair.

Seat Depth

  1. Seat edge should not dig into the back of your knees.
  2. Full thigh and buttock support should be provided.
  3. A clenched fist should fit between the front edge of the seat and the lower part of your legs.

Adjust Back Rest

If your backrest is adjustable, adjust it so the lower back support contacts the curve in your back and provides support in that area. A small roll, cushion or towel can be used to increase support for your lower back, however in some instances this can cause the seat pan to become too shallow to support your legs properly. It may be helpful to remove the low back support intermittently throughout the day. Tighten the backrest so it does not give way with your body weight.

For more helpful guides, here are amazing sites that have also written great articles on this topic:



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